High paying Jobs in Canada for International Students in 2024 you should Know

High paying Jobs in Canada for International Students in 2024 you should Know

High paying Jobs in Canada for International Students in 2024 you should Know

So today I want to discuss about  about something very important.  So if you wishing to read about Canada and information that concerns your travelling, kindly keep on visiting the blog that will help you make proper decision while you plan for coming to canada.

Jobs in Canada for international for International students information is very important. If you are planning to come to the country as an international student, this article is for you and you should read it to the end because I have a very important nuggets I wish to share with you till the end of this article.

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First thing I want you to note is as an international student you are allowed to work legally for 20 hours per week which is very important. Please I want this warning, do not exceed it. There aresome things you don’t do. Thinking you can outsmart the government is a huge risk, they will really catch you. Infact the moment you enter the country and you get a SIN number, the number tracks everything you do both in spending money, when someone pays money into your account and everything is recorded. So they know your movement and everything you do. So don’t say they wont catch you and some may think they are now working and they are being paid cash. But make sure your employer doesn’t file tas on you that you worked so so so hours and was paid. Once task is filed by employers, they want to get their task return, when they mention your name and the number of hours they pay you whether cash or transfer, it will definitely affect you. You just have to be careful. I believe this sticks into you reading the article. This 20hours per week is when shool is in session, when school is not in session, you can work more than 20hours and more.

Some may be wondering how to pay your fees, subsequently I will write an article in suggesting how you can go about it. I will show you lots of ways you can do that. Just avoid troubles so that you can apply for your permanent residency and get it.

Quickly lets dive into the topic of interest which is Jobs in Canada for international for International students:

Care Giving jobs in Canada 2024

The first one on my list is care or support worker. It is a very lucrative business in Canada. It pays well for the people that works in that place. The advantage of working in care is that even if you want to apply for your permanent residency, they will help you. The kind of power they have in the country is enormous. Care as a whole, they are like the elites of the country. They need it because their people doesn’t like doing care giving work. Like elderly that needs help in their everyday lives. They know that Africans take care of their parents even at old age. In Canada, once they are old, the children usually abandon them and usually advise them to go to hospital while Africans prefer to stay with he aged parents(seniors). I was watching one interview one day and the lady said it is not possible for their people to do care given jobs that’s why they need foreigners to do the work. That is why they need Africans. Hence if you are interested in the caregiving, though it is not for everybody that likes doing the work. There are other places I can still suggest fir you. Hece if it is for you, kindly go for it. Also the salary is within the range of 19 dollars to 24dollars for an international students depending on how long you have worked with the company.

Medical Jobs in Canada 2024

ne is medical line. There is money in it. Don’t allow anyone to deceive you. You must not do small jobs though you may start with them. Pharmacy assistant, Nursing and Nursing Assistance, Medical laboratory Assistant, Optometry assistant are highly needed. Though each of the profession requires certification or licensing in other to practice it in the country. There is money in them. If you are in medical line, you can be of value to the country.

Representative Jobs in Canada 2024

This type of job can be done remotely (at home). Why am taking my time to mention it, so that you will have hope and not crossing your legs and assume that there is no job. It is for you to find out where you can get the employed. Though there are some websites to apply for them like Indeed, Monster, etc

Cooking Jobs in Canada 2024

Another one is cooking or chef. This is another area to obtain your permanent residency fast. The job pays well and it is because of how they are needed, people dislike the job. If you work in the field for a year, even if maybe for instance you made a mistake and you are re working 20hours or more, by the time they notice that the kind of job include care giving or cooking, day care, etc they will like to retain you because of how they are needed in the country.

Information Technology (IT) Jobs in Canada 2024

Another place that is lucrative is Information technology. This include data science, data analysis, business intelligence, cyber security. When you are employed, the pay is very high. If you are thinking a place you are looking into, the area is nice.

Graphic Designing Jobs in Canada 2024

This area is a top notch. Even as a student, some are paid 40 dollars and is very shocking.  By the time you calculate it in a week, your pay would have gone far in a week.

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Receptionist in Canada 2024

Although their pay is not too much, but it is a nice place you can start with. There are lots of money inside it.

Other High Paying Jobs you can apply in Canada as an international Student in 2024

Other jobs include also dispatch work. Even if you don’t have a car, you can dispatch with your legs and you are been paid. They need those that use bicycle, leg or car. If you decide you use your legs, they will still pay you. Also tutoring can fetching you some cool cash. Some areas you can work include schools or home work and so on.

As you are working as an international students, solving assignment are many which is no 1 challenge of them. If you are able to solve the assignment is what you try and conquer. There is no week atleast assignment is not given. If you want to graduate, you must pass that assignment. And the way it is done is that it has to be unique. You cannot use AI and generate words and give lecturers. They usually wish to have definite answers. Go to your class group and tell them that you can help them do assignment, they can message and you may even get tired. So every week you are certain of getting a particular something for the assignment. And also try to be very sound so that they can trust in you. Just imagine charging people 15 dollars from one person, you may see yourself making 150dollars from 10 people.

Starting a Small scale business in Canada 2024

Also you can start a business according to your native skills that you have learnt before like hair styling hair revamping, car washing, online teaching, Fell free and Check out and learn as many as you can learn so that you will be relevant. But have in mind that starting some business in Canada requires certification. Hence try and make enquires so that you can plan ahead of time.

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