How to Easily Secure Jobs in Canada in 2024-Secret Revealed

How to Easily Secure Jobs in Canada in 2024-Secret Revealed

How to Easily Secure Jobs in Canada in 2024-Secret Revealed

If you are looking for some easily ways to easily secure jobs in Canada in 2024, kindly read this article. If you do wish to come through work route, kindly apply a job. You cannot apply for a work permit if you don’t have a job. I wish to inform you the things that are very important when writing your resume, what are these important things that you need to note while writing your resume.

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I want to encourage you that everything about Canada might look very hard. Maybe you have been applying for  a while, it seems as though the answers you are hoping to get is not forth coming, please don’t give up. Just keep fit and keep on trying because it is not easy and also try and ask questions which helps you get closer to the desired results you are looking for.

So if you have applied before, some people have been complaining that they have been applying for a while and not been getting good response, that is what the post is for. Nevertheless keep reading the article to the end because important secrets are revealed in the article. So when you wish to apply to apply for a job, there are important tips you need to be contained in your application resume, if those things are not there, it will be hard for you to Land into a good job especially a low income country like Rwanda, Ghana, Gambia, etc.

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Also I want you to note that the way jobs are applied in Low income jobs are different from the way it is obtainable in Canada, hence they have their own idea of things and very different compared to what we have in Africa. It is important you make research very well. Hence from experience of people that shared good information about theirs so it is good to learn from someone else’s experience. Since things in Canada is done differently, try and understand how things are done. You then look out for things they like and hence use that and apply for the Job.

When preparing for your resume in applying for a job, the number one thing to have at the back of your mind is your cover letter. Your cover letter is the place you sell yourself, normally you are meant to come for interview and hey will ask you questions about yourself which is the normal job procedure. But now this one is different. The cover letter explains whom you are and stating how many years you have done the job previously.

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In the health care, you can begin with stating that your granny was incapacitated and you helped out by driving her to the hospital and thereafter she passed on a s a happy woman which made me later on motivated to study medical laboratory science degree and hence can help can make sure your patients gets better. When you are employed, your ultimate goal is not because of the salary and may even wish to work without salary. When you know that they will still pay you if they employ you. That sounds good. The main thing is for you to sell yourself and make sure you convince them or you love to do a particular job. Jus try and tell them that can sound good that the major goal is not the money but the services you feel like doing as a passion. You may even tell them you received award recognitions that can make them believe you. The idea is for you to sell yourself and never be shy. Remember it is not only you that is applying, you are not there present to say anything and also whenever a job is applied, they make it open for people that are in far and wide distance to apply. They have millions of applications and the Human resource manager will need to choose the best and hence you to sell yourself. You sell yourself through cover lever which is very necessary when writing cover letter, please try as much as possible to avoid telling too much stories and any information you want to pass let it be in a concised story format and you know its not only you that applied for the job. Always put yourself in the human resources  position. Just imagine you have up to 500 applications, you are seeing one person writing too many stories, you may even ignore the person.

When you are done with your cover letter, the next thing is for you to look at the main resume. When you are writing your resume, make sure you have gone through what the company requires. For instance if you apply for a care giving job, what they have there is for instance qhat they require from you that want to work is who is resilience, kind, hardworking, etc. When you arrange your resume, tell them you possess all the qualities from the job description. Do not just carry everything in verbatim, just modify it in sentence so that it will be palatable. That way, it will help you to standout when they want to filter people.

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Secondly if they tell you that they need someone that have two years experience, If you have a lesser number of experience they will not take you. What they need is exactly two years experience or more. Hence you have to either increase it and shouldn’t be lesser than their benchmark.

Thirdly if they need a particular certificate, try and find a way to obtain the certificate because certifications in Canada is very important, they don’t play with it. If you have a particular skill, they just need a particular document for you to proof or backup your skill. Stating you know how to do that skill.

If they are looking for someone that doesn’t have experience, kindly fill 0years stating that you don’t have experience.

Also if you are applying for some types of jobs that you have already obtained a particular relevant certificate in that field as well as experience will be an added advantage.

Furthermore, do not apply few jobs and feel satisfied that they might call you. Keep hope alive and keep on applying till your request are granted.

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Some useful websites you can find jobs online in Canada in 2024

  • Indeed
  • Recruiter
  • Walk-in
  • Ziprecruiter
  • Linkedin
  • Monster
  • Job alert
  • Job fair
  • Jobilico
  • Kijiji
  • Instagram
  • GFL website
  • Glassdoor
  • Google
  • Campus/Trade
  • Career builder
  • Craiglist
  • Flyer
  • Social Websites

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