Must Read! A true life Story in Canada that will surely encourage you in 2024

Must Read! A true life Story in Canada that will surely encourage you in 2024

Must Read! A true life Story in Canada that will surely encourage you in 2024


Having relocated to Canada through the express entry program two years ago, I feel compelled to share my experiences and offer valuable advice to those considering a similar journey. Navigating the process requires diligence, adherence to guidelines, and a willingness to adapt to a new environment. In this narrative, I provide insights into our challenges, strategies, and triumphs, hoping to inspire and guide prospective immigrants.

Financial Preparation

One crucial piece of advice is to meticulously follow Canada’s stipulated steps and financial requirements. For instance, when they recommend proof of funds (POF) of 6 million naira for a family of three, aim to have more than half of that amount readily available upon landing. This initial financial cushion significantly eases the transition into Canadian life.

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Building a Foundation

Upon arrival, it is imperative to give yourself at least a year to build a foundation. This includes acclimating to the new environment, understanding the job market dynamics, and aligning your qualifications with Canadian standards. Additionally, being open to taking on odd jobs can be crucial, as there is a prevailing respect for all types of work in Canada.

Our Initial Months

Our journey began with over three-quarters of the recommended POF for a family of three. We wisely allocated this budget, staying in an Airbnb for two weeks while we embarked on the essential task of house hunting. By paying three months’ rent upfront, we alleviated the immediate pressure of job hunting to cover bills.

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Balancing Work and Studies

Recognizing that Canadian employers may undervalue foreign work experience, we opted to dedicate our first year to enhancing our credentials. Both my husband and I took on minimum-wage jobs, he in a warehouse and I as a clerk. While the work was demanding, the commitment allowed us to accumulate a monthly income of $4,700, setting the stage for our financial stability.

This is a breakdown of our expenses:

Rent – 1250

Home internet – 65

Power (NEPA) – 59

Phone bill for both of us – 110

Insurance for our car – 145

Total – 1,629.

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Budgeting and Expenses

Our meticulous budgeting ensured that our monthly expenses, including rent, utilities, and groceries, were well within our means. With an emphasis on savings, we managed to set aside $1,500 monthly, while still having a portion for miscellaneous expenses. This disciplined approach, coupled with the absence of emergency medical expenses, highlighted the financial benefits of living in Canada.

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Educational and Child Benefits

During our initial months, we focused on furthering our education. We recognized the importance of aligning our qualifications with Canadian standards, a common practice among immigrants. Moreover, the Canadian government’s child benefits, including subsidies for daycare, significantly eased the financial burden associated with raising a child.


Today, after completing our studies and transitioning into professional roles, we can confidently assert that the initial struggles were a worthwhile investment. Our journey demonstrates that success is attainable through a combination of strategic planning, hard work, and perseverance. My hope is that our story encourages aspiring immigrants to pursue their dreams, reminding them that a humble beginning can pave the way for a prosperous future in Canada.

A true life story.

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