Secrets on how to Secure Admission in Cheap and Affordable Canadian Study Programs in 2024

Secrets on how to Secure Admission in Cheap and Affordable Canadian Study Programs in 2024

Secrets on how to Secure Admission in Cheap and Affordable Canadian Study Programs in 2024

If you are yet to apply and you are reading this article, it is good you read it till the end. In this article i want to carry you into the rigorous process of Canadian application towards study visa step by step.

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First of all you apply for an admission, you need to need to accept the admission and you make a payment and with the acceptance letter you can apply for your visa, then after successful application for visa, you then book your flight and start going to canada.

Let me discuss in detail

Look for Admission

The document you need for admission include your school transcript (university transcript), international passport, school recommendation letter (some schools may request for one or two), educational CV (this include your name, the school you attended, your project work, internships, your publications and other educational academic achievements). Please do not lie but let it be concise and rich. If you are applying for work, you need recommendation letter from your office stating that you have been working there, you are in good standing and all that.

Then next step is to start searching for schools. The kind of schools you start looking for are called DLI schools (designated learning institution). How it works is that if you go to Canada and you are done schooling, you are meant to stay for extra years so that you have Canadian work experience, while working and getting Canadian work experience and wish to become permanent resident experience, you can work a certain number of hours and then apply for it.

Then if you wish to go back to go back to your country after getting Canadian work experience, you can decide to go back to your home country. If you get admission into DLI school, when you graduate , you will be given postgraduate work permit while if you doesn’t go to that kind of school, you have to go back to your country. How you get that kind of school, you go online and  search for “DLI schools in Canada” and wait for it to load. Then visit IRCC website and locate the particular school that offers postgraduate work permit by choosing the one that said yes. Hence you will find the list of schools and then select the ones that you will like.

Looking for cheap schools is not easy because each school have different courses they offer per programme of the study. So each school may charge you per course which is the determinant factor towards the school fees. The number of course hence depends on the tuition fees per programme. You can make it easy for yourself by searching for cheap courses offered in the province you wish to go to school be it Ontario, Toronto, etc.

The next thing is to start your application. Make sure you read through and put in the necessary documents. Some courses may require supervisors, you will find supervisor on the school website. Some of them have publications and write a letter to them and tell them why you you are interested in their area of study and will wish to adopt you. You may tell him or her that you have interest to learn more about his area of publications. Make sure your writing is topnotch. Note that not all schools that doesnt require supervisor while some requires supervisor. Make sure you fill any part that they need any personal details or document online. It is important in the application which gives details about you. so try and process it so that you can be able to achieve your travelling dreams.

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Accept the admission and  Acceptance letter

After application, it takes a little while for the school to enroll you to a particular institution of your choice. Hence afterwards, you will receive an email notification stating that you have gotten admission to a particular institution. Hence you will need to proceed and make payment in the country’s currency called Canadian dollar. So after that, then you will be given offer letter and hence you then use the offer letter to proceed the next stage which is visa application.

Visa Application

This is the most crucial step in Canadian application that is highly dynamic and technical. Head on to IRCC page and create account if you dont have one. Most of the energy are exhausted here. Hence there many documents that are required from Police Clearance, proof of funds, Statement of purpose, Proof you will return to your home country once the visa expires, Passport (Canadian size), International passport, etc. Crosscheck each document before application to avoid making silly mistake that can make the your visa application futile. It is better you open one folder on your computer and be saving the documents so that they wont be mixed up. After over and over cross checking of submitted documents, kindly submit your application and wait for response.

Hence, they will run a background check on your documents submitted and then request for your biometrics. Kindly book an appointment with the accredited Canada Visa Application Centres (CVAC) nearest in your area.  And afterward once they are ok with the former, they will request for your medicals. Hence after passing admissibility and eligibility checks, then your visa will be approved. They will now request for your international passport to be sent to Canada Visa Application Centres (CVAC) which will send your international passport for stamping. After that it will be ready for collection and you will be notified.

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Booking of Flight

Proceed and book your flight and arrange your luggages  for your trip. Congratulations, your dream of going to Canada has been actualized. The whole process mentioned above appears easy but appears technical.

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