8 Part-Time Jobs with Flexible Schedules that Almost Anyone Can Do

8 Part-Time Jobs with Flexible Schedules that Almost Anyone Can Do

8 Part-Time Jobs with Flexible Schedules that Almost Anyone Can Do

With the rising cost of living and ever-increasing inflation, many people are finding it hard to meet their regular expenses.

In some cases, individuals who haven’t traditionally worked or have previously retired find that they need an extra income to support themselves. These individuals may be stay-at-home parents, college students, or retirees.

Fortunately, there are many part-time job options for people who need a flexible schedule that doesn’t require 40 hours of work per week. Here is our list of the top eight part-time jobs for individuals who need additional income.

  1. Receptionist

A receptionist is often the first person people see when they walk into an office. This person is charged with greeting guests and customers, answering phone calls, and handling basic office work.

Receptionists don’t need more than a high school education, and they can work in a part-time or full-time capacity. As long as you are reasonably friendly and can handle the phone system and a computer, you should be able to find a position as a receptionist. [1]

Individuals seeking a part-time receptionist role should check with local hotels, medical offices, and business offices. Pay varies, but the average hovers around $14.75 per hour. [1]

  1. Driver

A driver can work for any number of companies, including rideshares such as Uber or Lyft, or as a delivery person for restaurants or grocery stores. To become a driver, you’ll need a safe working vehicle, a good driving history, and a sense of direction. If you’re delivering goods or packages, you may be required to lift a certain amount of weight. [1]

Ride-sharing companies allow you to set your schedule, so you’ll only work when you have time. Delivery drivers for restaurants, grocery stores, and fast-food restaurants often require employees to commit to a specific schedule, but you can let the company know your availability. The hourly wage for a driver will vary, but the average is $17.50 per hour. [1]

  1. Freelancer

If you have a skill set that you’re willing to share with the world, freelancing may be a great option for you. Freelancers can work in almost any capacity – the sky’s the limit! You can freelance as an accountant, financial analyst, writer, administrative assistant, or social media manager. Those are just a few ideas – there are thousands of others.

To become a freelancer, you can work as an independent contractor for a single company or choose to offer your services through freelance websites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Your hourly wage will vary depending on your qualifications and the type of job you do. Some freelancers can earn over $100 per hour! [1]

  1. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is responsible for overseeing the accounting for a company or small business. Some bookkeepers choose to work for a single company, while others have a broad client base that they have built up on their own. To become a bookkeeper, you’ll need to have a grasp of accounting basics. [1]

Usually, this is a minimum of several years of experience in a bookkeeper capacity or obtaining a minimum of an associate’s degree in accounting. The hourly wage for a bookkeeper is $20 per hour, but it may be more for individuals who handle more complex accounting tasks. [1]

  1. Nanny

If you love kids, working as a nanny part-time may be what you’re looking for. Nannies look after children during certain periods, such as when the children’s parents are at work. They may take the children to group activities and may be responsible for preparing snacks and meals. [1]

Busy working parents often appreciate the services that a nanny can provide. Average wages are approximately $20.62 per hour but may vary depending upon the number of children and the expected workload. [1]

  1. Online Tutor

Those who enjoy teaching or have a significant understanding of certain topics may choose to offer their services as online tutors. Tutors can work on their own, or they may join online companies to provide their services to students in need. Online tutors can set their hours and the amount of time they prefer to work each week. [2]

Teaching the English language is also an option. Students are based worldwide, and tutors help them master the basics of English speaking and writing. There are numerous online English teaching platforms available for tutors. The average hourly rate for an online tutor is $24.23. [2]

  1. Dog Walker

There’s nothing more fulfilling than going for a walk with a pet that enjoys it! If being outdoors with pups is your idea of a great time, you may consider signing up as a part-time dog walker. Becoming a dog walker can be a win-win for you, the dog, and its owner. [2]

Due to work and other responsibilities, owners often find they don’t have the time to take their dog for a daily walk. Doing it for them is a great way to get some exercise, earn some extra money, and give the dog some playtime! No education is typically required to be a dog-walker. The average hourly wage for this role is $12.86. [2]

  1. Personal Trainer

People who truly love health and fitness may find an outlet (and extra income) through work as a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, you can lead fitness classes or provide one-on-one instruction to individuals seeking to gain a healthier lifestyle.

There are various certifications that you can obtain. Doing so can give you more access to lucrative opportunities in the fitness industry. [2]

Once you’ve established yourself, it’s not uncommon to create a loyal following of individuals who like your training style. This can help you build your client book and create even more opportunities. The average hourly rate for a personal trainer is $19.48. [2]

Finding the Right Fit

Individuals looking to earn a part-time income have many opportunities to choose from. You’re not limited to searching through job listings; there are numerous roles that you can establish on your own or through web apps and online sites to start increasing your income today.

While this is a small sampling of part-time jobs, there are thousands of others to choose from!


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