Remodeling Your Home with the Help of a Grant

Remodeling Your Home with the Help of a Grant

Remodeling Your Home with the Help of a Grant

As a homeowner, you are likely very familiar with how expensive it can be to remodel your living space. You may be considering updating your kitchen, replacing old bathroom fixtures, or upgrading your roof.

For those who are seeing the effects of an aging house, remodeling may not be just for aesthetic purposes. It may be required to ensure the house remains habitable. If you don’t have a significant savings buffer, are living on a fixed income, or are retired, finding the money to remodel your house can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are several types of grants that are available to individuals who meet certain requirements. This article will discuss some of the home remodeling grants currently available and how to obtain them.

What Federal Grants Are Available?

Several different federal grants are available to homeowners who meet certain qualifications.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

This program provides grants to states and localities to assist individuals with remodeling their homes. States and local governments make the final call on whether a grant is approved. To qualify for the grant, individuals must meet certain requirements, including:

  • A home value that does not exceed 95% of the area’s median home price
  • Family income that is less than 30% of the median family income for the area

Individuals may be required to meet other qualifications as well. [1]

Section 504 Home Repair Program

The Section 504 home repair program provides loans and grants to individuals who qualify. Grants are available in amounts up to $10,000, while loans are available for up to $40,000.

Any money received through the grant program must be used to address safety issues in the home. If loans are granted, they can be used to improve or modernize the home. To qualify for the program, potential participants must:

  • Own and occupy the home
  • Be unable to obtain credit elsewhere
  • Meet low-income requirements for their area
  • Be age 62 or older and unable to repay a repair loan

If loans are obtained, they will have a term of 20 years and have a fixed interest rate of 1%. [2]

Housing Improvement Program

The Housing Improvement Program is administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and applies to individuals who are members of an American Indian Tribe or are native residents of Alaska.

The program provides home improvements and repairs for homes in disrepair. It provides up to $7,500 for conditions that threaten the safety of the occupants and may also give up to $60,000 to help a home meet building code standards. To qualify, the homeowner must meet certain requirements:

  • Be recognized as a member of a Native American tribe or a native of Alaska
  • Live in a tribal service area
  • Meet low-income requirements
  • Have a home that is in disrepair
  • Be unable to obtain assistance through other means

You can fill in an application online or contact your local Bureau of Indian Affairs department for assistance. [3]

Housing Grants for Veterans

Military veterans and current service members may qualify for certain grants if they meet qualifications. There are several different types of veteran housing grants, including the Specially Adapted Housing grant and the Special Home Adaptation Grant.

The Specially Adapted Housing grant provides up to $101,754 to update the home. A Special Home Adaptation grant can be used for the same purposes, but the maximum that can be obtained is $20,387. To qualify for either grant, certain requirements must be met:

  • You or a family member owns the home
  • You have a qualifying disability as a result of your service

While many service members have disabilities as a result of their military service, these grants are only provided for the most severe types of disabilities, such as loss of a limb, severe burns, or blindness. [4]

HUD Community Development Block Grant Program

The HUD Community Development Block grant program provides grants to individuals who live in metropolitan or urban areas with government assistance to repair their homes.

Eligibility is based on certain factors but is not calculated on an individual basis. Instead, the location of the home is the primary determining factor. Usually, these funds are available in low-income areas. To find out whether your home is located in a qualifying area, you must reach out to your local HUD field office. [5]

What State Repair Grants Are Available?

Certain states offer repair grants for people living on a fixed income or who are senior citizens. To learn more about state programs in your area, it’s best to contact your local housing agency for more information. However, almost every state offers a weatherization program.

A weatherization program provides help for homeowners who need assistance with increasing their home’s insulation, repairing windows, or improving air conditioning and heating systems in the home.

To qualify, individuals must meet low-income requirements. Priority is given to the elderly, the disabled, and families with children. Each state sets its income requirements.

Local organizations pitch in to provide weatherization services on a charitable basis. These companies or non-profits will vary by location. [6]

Help from Medicare or Medicaid

If you are covered under a Medicare or Medicaid program, you may be able to receive assistance for home repairs or modifications that are made to support a chronic illness or disability. For example, changes to the home that are made to support safety in the bathroom may be covered by your Medicare or Medicaid policy. [7]

Using Grants to Remodel Your Home

For individuals living on a fixed income or budget who need help making sure their home remains inhabitable, grants can be a true lifesaver.

While they may not be able to help you in cases where you want an aesthetic improvement to your home, they can help make sure that it meets building code standards and protects you from natural elements. If you need help with updating your home, make sure to check out the grants available to determine whether you qualify.


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